cheerleader pillow and owl gift set / owl décor / Christmas gifts

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This square style pillow is very good size for sure! It measures: approximately 17-18" in length and 20-21" in width. The approximate measurements of the owl are: 17 1/2 " long (from tip of ear to foot), 14 1/2 " wide (from wing to wing), and 3 1/2 " in depth (thickness at widest part of body) The all over "cheer phrases" pattern is fun and quirky as it captures the excitement of the game! The pattern is on a pretty pink background as it depicts the fun words and phrases all the sweet cheerleaders are shouting out during the game for their team to WIN! This cheerleader designed fabric is made of soft flannel, and the back of the pillow and owl is soft fleece in a shade of pink, so this makes for a very cozy pillow and owl to snuggle up to. This is perfect for anyone who loves a cheerleader or is a cheerleader, you can throw on the couch, on the chair, the bed, take it in the car as a travel pillow, the office, etc.! This would also make a great gift for the "cheerleader" fan, whether it be family, friend, co-worker, teacher, boss or for yourself! So many ways to enjoy this pillow and owl!