C7 Classic Roller Skates | Retro Soft Boot with Faux Leather | Speedy Quad Style for Men, Women and Kids (Mint/Men's 7 / Women's 8)


    • RETRO BOOT - Classic heeled boot with a high-top style and colorful laces for a pop of playfulness.
    • LIGHT & FLEXIBLE - The lightweight, soft boot is comfortable, pliable and doesn't weigh you down.
    • QUALITY DESIGN - 54 X 32mm wheels with a 95A durometer are easy for both indoor and outdoor use.
    • SMOOTH RIDE - Tough, durable wheels absorb shock for an easy ride.
    • VERSATILE SKATE - Removable toe stops makes it easy to switch skate styles.

    Product Detail

    Product Description

    Totally Versatile

    These cool fashion roller skates take on a retro design with a modern twist. The sleek C7 Roller Skates are slim and lightweight with no overdone high-tech features to distract from what's important - a top-notch skate that's comfortable and durable for whatever your skate style is. Whether you're jamming out at disco hour or just having fun with friends at the rink, the C7 Roller Skates provide the perfect amount of support while you're on the move.

    Awesome Quality

    54x32mm 95A polyurethane wheels offer amazing agility and movement on the skate rink. Plus, ABEC 608ZZ bearings are super tough and provide unbeatable reliability. Designed with a soft, pliable boot that doesn't add bulk, dig in or weigh you down, the C7 Roller Skates form to your feet instead of the other way around.

    Great Gift for Rookies

    From little ones hitting the rink for the first time to kids-at-heart just looking to have a little fun, these skates are the perfect gift for newbies of all ages. Their sleek and versatile design makes the perfect gift, whether you're just learning the ropes or a seasoned rink regular.