Bubble Machine,HANGRUI Automatic Portable Bubble Blower with Football Shape for Christmas Kids Barbecue Parties Ball Wedding

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  • Abundant Bubbles: The automatic bubble machine can produce more than 500 colored bubbles per minute crazily, the bubble blower is beautiful, colorful and interesting,which is suitable for children over 3 years old to play.
  • Lighten up Your Party: The bubble blower can be able to add an active atmosphere for the party and the stage, it is also can increase the romantic aesthetic effect for the wedding.
  • Easy to Carry: With a mobilizable handle, you can hang it on the wall or on the tree according to your needs, or directly on the ground.
  • Years of Use: The bubble maker is use of powerful and high-quality non-toxic ABS plastic, the interesting bubble machine will prove to be durable, so you can buy once and enjoy for years, you are worth it.
  • Easy to Operate: Install 4 batteries (not included), simply pour in bubble solution (not included) and rotate it to create abundant colorful bubbles.

Product Detail

Product Description

The football-shaped bubble machine has a beautiful appearance and interest. It is suitable for children over 3 years of age to play, it is not only can add an active atmosphere for the stage and wedding , but also can develop the child's sensory ability and promote emotional exchanges between parents and children.
Material: ABS
Size: 16cm * 16cm * 19.5cm
Function: Automatic
1. Pour the bubble solution (not included) slowly into the funnel from the entrance until the bubble solution can be submerged the bubble wheel circle, but be careful not to exceed the wave identification line.
2. Close the battery compartment cover, and then press the yellow button on the rear of the bubble machine, the bubble machine can automatically blow multicolor bubbles. Super beautiful playful and nice, especially with the stage and the effect of lighting, it has a better scene and picture effects on taking pictures, take video, etc.