Brians GNETiK Pure Catch Glove [INTERMEDIATE]

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Introducing the Brians GNETIK Pure goalie gear line bought to you by Brians and Pure Goalie. The Brians GNETIK Pure Catch Glove is a mid-price point goalie glove that Pure Goalie has helped design to bring the features and style we see many of our customers ask for into an affordable elite level performance. With plenty of excellent features youd come to expect from Brians as well as some insight from Pure Goalie the GNETIK Pure catch glove is sure to be a popular choice among goalies. The Brians GNETIK Pure catch glove is based off the popular GNETIK 8.0 catch glove design with some cool changes that reflect Pure Goalies customer feedback. The Brians GNETIK Pure catch glove features a 35 break angle similar both the GNETIK Pro 3 and Heritage Pro glove models. The GNETIK Pure goalie glove is a 1-piece cuff construction for large presentation to the shooter and comes with a game ready palm that snaps shut right off the shelf. With a wide double T pocket, the GNETIK Pure catch glove swallows up rebounds and allows for puck visibility in the pocket. On the inside of the Brians GNETIK Pure catch glove goalies will find the familiar No-Slip Grip liner, an SBA material through the hand offering a comfortable feel that provides tack as the hand sweats to ensure no slipping. The strapping on the GNETIK Pure catch glove includes a floating wrist strap ensuring movement and flexibility while the nylon strap is easily accessible for securing tension. To top off the Brians GNETIK Pure catch glove is the custom graphic. Inspired by the Antti Raanta graphic from when he played for the New York Rangers the GNETIK Pure goalie glove has taken that graphic and used it in unique colors that you wont find anywhere else. Have you ever dreamed about getting a custom graphic but could not spend the money on custom ordering it? Well dream no more as the Brians GNETIK Pure catch glove feature a custom graphic in multiple color options at a fraction of the cost. Be one of the most stylish