Bicycle Saddle Cover Memory Foam Seat Pad Mountain Bike Equipment (red)

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  • High quality memory foam made,is changed according to The body temperature,very comfortable
  • About 270mm long,the widest is about 170mm,the thickest part is 35mm
  • Antislip pellt lined up neatly on the back,Increase the friction of cushion and seat,effectively prevent the slide
  • Beautiful and novel appearance design make you comfortable and attractive
  • Quick release buckle make put on or remove easily and keep the pad comfortable

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Product Description

Description Features:

The Bicycle Saddle Cover Memory Foam Seat Pad Mountain Bike Equipment is made from High quality memory foam with mesh cloth. It is great for heat emited.It can keep rider comfortable during a long distance riding.

The Slow-rebound memory sponge have some qualities,such as:

1.The Slow-rebound memory sponge can change according to the body temperature, when the sponge be pressing, it will not come with against pressure until the strenght be evenly spread out.When the extrusion force stoped, It will slowly restore the original shape of the sponge.

2.It is quite sensitive to weight and tempetature.The sponge will be soft in the hot environment; while in the cold environmnt it would be little harder.In consequence, this material can fit the hips carve, hold the human being competely on the right way.

3.Slow rebound memory sponge perfect combine soft and the tenacity.The standard test shows that Slow rebound memory sponge after 80000 time compression,deformation and suken degree, 8% fewer than the ordinary polyurethane sponge, the deformation and suken degree of the ordinary high elastic sponge is up to 10-15%.


Condition: Brand new

Material: Memory foam + Anti-slip lining

Size: 270 * 170 * 35 mm

Weight: 280g