Beakabao Kids Hoola Hoop Set (6 Parts), Weight and Size Adjustable Detachable Sports Toys, Suitable for Fitness, Gymnastics, Dance, Games and Pet Training, 27 Inches

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  • ADJUSTABLE SIZE: The Beakabao hoola hoop consists of 6 pieces. It can be adjusted according to the child of different body types. It is recommended to use 6 pieces (diameter 26.8in) or 5 pieces (22.4in diameter). The detachable design saves space when you carry it out and remove them piece by piece.
  • MULTI-STYLE CHOICE: ①Plastic type is smooth and lightweight. It can be used for children's fitness, gymnastics, game props for various parties and activities, and training toys for pets. ②Foam type is covered with a thick layer of foam on the basis of the plastic type. These foams increase the friction between the body and the hoola hoop, and are easier to rotate in use and are not easy to slip. With the cover of the foam, the waist will feel softer and more comfortable.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT: 0.5 lb for a 6-piece plastic and 0.86 lb for a 6-piece foam. The inner tube of hoola hoop is hollow, so the weight can be adjusted by increasing the counterweight (such as rice, sand, grain, beans, etc.) to meet the weight needs of different children.
  • HIGH-QUALITY: Made of high quality raw materials, refused to use recycled waste, our process requirements are very strict! Beakabao's hoola hoop is durable and strong enough to withstand any weight you want to add. It's definitely not a cheap sheet!
  • RELIABLE SERVICE: If you have any questions about purchasing or using, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our wholehearted service is just for your satisfaction!

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