Bauer Vapor X 80 Junior Ice Hockey Skates

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Hit the ice with vengence and speed, with the Vapor X 80 Ice Skates by Bauer. Providing top grade protection and quality comfort, you'll have no problem taking your game to the next level. Tech mesh with thermoformed X-rib pattern quarter package allow you to form fit these skates to your liking while having superb protection on the outside. Lightweight anaform foam ankle pads keep your most tender parts comforted from little things such as blisters to big things such as pucks. Protecting you on the front and keeping you comfortable on the inside are the anatomical 3-piece felt with metatarsal padding tongue guard, and quick dry hydrophobic lining material. The metatarsal guard is lightweight at only 48 ounces and equipped with enough padding to keep your ankle, and low shin protected. The hydrophobic liner keeps the sweat off you so you can focus on what's important in the game. Rounding out the package are the 4 most important parts of the skates: the FORM-FIT stabilizer grip footbed, fiber composite outsole, TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE holder, and TUUK LS2 stainless steel runner. All combined to turn the boots into skates. The foot bed is not just that of flat, it's integrated with heel support and grips to keep you comfortable and stabilized. The fiber composite outsole significantly reduces the weight, only adding to your quickness.