Bauer Supreme Junior TotalOne NXG Hockey Shin Guards - 10"

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Out with the old and in with the Total One NXG Shin Guards by Bauer. The NXGs are designed with an anatomical fit that gives you a natural, close-to-the-body fit that helps you achieve maximum power with every movement. Bauer not only designed the NXGs for maximum power but for maximum protection with innovative features that leave these shin guards lightweight, airy, and strong. Starting from the knee cap, down the shin, and 360 all around, the NXGs are built with anatomical perfection in mind. With PORON XRD knee sling, your knee fits comfortably and snug and the added MAX-SORB Impact Gel Inserts absorb the impact so you dont have to. Vent Armor is built into the calf wrap and thigh guard, keeping both pieces flexible, breathable, and comfortable but also keeping you protected by softening impacts by 25% over traditional HDPE protection. The outer shell is segmented for a better anatomical fit, and for protection its designed with F-ONE shell technology. This technology fuses high-density foam and rigid HDPE as one, giving you 25% greater energy absorption and a 15% weight reduction over traditional HDPE shells. F-ONE shell technology sets a new standard of protection for those areas of the body that takes the brunt of blocking shots, body checks and slashes. With maximum power, movement, and protection, the NXGs provide the tools you need to be on top of your game, every game.