ARAI motorcycle helmet full face RX-7X HAYDEN (54cm)

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  • The cap body: PB-SNC2 (Periferari-belted-Structural Lal net Composite Square) Standard: Snell / JIS
  • Shield system: VAS-V shield system
  • Shield: VAS-V MV shield (clear) standard (※ cloudy locking pin lock seat is sold separately)
  • Inside: High-fitting adjustable · FCS interior (antibacterial and deodorant interior)
  • Country of origin: Japan

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Product Description

Product Description ★ AMA Superbike in 2002, is the emergence of veteran rider, latest replica of Nicky Hayden players that participated also the highest peak in the world Moto-GP is the season a 2006 Moto-GP class champion (RX-7X). ★ Base, dodge performance evolved, a new generation of full-face models equipped with the world's first shield system VAS that was realized the ideal of the form (RX-7X). Color fused their native America Stars and Stripes line to the Americans is a rider of his trade mark of the star and the bib 69, green camouflage pattern that stand out during the race. Aggressive and I finished in the combat design model. ◆ Form ● Also pulled the impact likely to pursue a sleek shape. ◆ Shield system VAS ● Newly developed shield system for realizing the ideal of the form. ◆ PB-SNC2 ● To develop new resins, also pursued further weight reduction without leaving tough. ◆ Hyper ribs ● Not only enhance the rigidity, also to smooth wind flow.