AlveyTech 24 Volt 100 Watt Electric Motor for Razor E100, E124, E150, and E175

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  • Our 24 volt 100 watt electric motor works just as well on a 12 volt system. No problems, no issues.
  • The 9 tooth #25 chain sprocket is a happy medium of torque and acceleration.
  • This fine little electric motor offers a range of compatibility including scooters from Pulse, Razor, and others.
  • You can control the left or right rotation by reversing the wires. This is especially useful for those garage projects using a pair of electric motors.
  • Monster Scooter Parts is the only authorized seller of Alvey, AlveyTech, and Monster Motion products.

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Product Description

This 24 volt 100 watt MY6812 motor with 9 tooth #25 chain sprocket is compatible with the Razor E100, E125, E150, E175, eSpark, and Trikke. This is also the motor used on the Dynacraft Hello Kitty SU E-Scooter as well as the Pulse Charger, EM-1000, Reverb, and Revster electric scooters.

This motor is for chain-drive models of the Razor E100/E125 (versions 5+) and all versions of the Razor E150, E175, and eSpark. Also compatible with the Pulse Reverb and Revster scooters. This motor will not work on belt-drive versions of the Razor E100/E125.

Note: Unlike many electric scooter parts, the 100 watt MY6812 electric motor works equally well as part of a 12 volt system as it does in a 24 volt electric system. In addition, this motor is capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the motor's power wires.

Manufacturer: Unite Motor Co.
Model: MY6812B
Voltage: 24 volts DC
Output: 100 watts
Sprocket: 9 tooth #25 chain sprocket
Case Length: 3-15/16" (100 mm)
Case Diameter: 2-11/16" (68 mm)
Drive Shaft Length: 1-1/8" (28 mm)
Drive Shaft Diameter: 5/16" (8 mm)
Mounting Hole Distance: 1-9/16" (40 mm)

Dynacraft Hello Kitty SU E
Pulse EM-1000
Pulse Reverb
Pulse Revster
Razor E100 & E125
Razor E150
Razor E175
Razor eSpark
Razor Launch
Razor Trikke E2