Alkali RPD Max+ Inline Hockey Skates (Size 4)

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Alkali RPD Max+ Inline Skates The RPD Max+ Inline Hockey Skate from Alkali is the alpha male of the 2015 line of Alkali skates. It's meant for the serious player and its not hard to tell with all the technologies that Alkali features here. They use their Purlyn quarter package with added stiffness to keep you stable and protected, but also to keep the boot shell super lightweight. Along the top of the boot you will find Alkali's Comfort Edge ankle pads that will soften any contact between your ankle and the boot, reducing any kind of friction that may occur there. Alkali stacked the lower portion of the boot with a Movement Magnesium chassis Labeda Addiction wheels, and the Swiss Elite 608 bearings, but they also added some other performance features up top. The white felt tongue is packed with comfort foam and lace bite protection, and the hydrophobic, no-slip liner prevents any movement within the boot. Finally, the RPD Max+ Skates feature Alkali's Pro Roller Last design which allows your foot to fit properly in the boot while providing you with more room in the forefoot. This is a true beast from Alkali. Chassis: Movement Magnesium Wheels: Labeda Addiction Bearings: Swiss Elite 608