Alkali RPD Max+ Inline Skates [JUNIOR]

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When you're picking out skates, you want to find the ones that give you the maximum possible speed and comfort. These two attributes are difficult to find in one skate, but the Alkali RPD Max+ Inline Skates are breaking ground. Constructed using Purlyn ultra light quarter construction, the Max+ Skates are 100% heat moldable yet extremely stiff from ankle to toe. This provides an increased energy transfer and improves your impact resistance. The flexible tendon guard allows for a maximum range of motion and proper stride extension while the Maximum Power Transfer carbon fiber outsole with low-profile wheel channels keeps you moving at top speed. The Movement Magnesium low-profile alloy chassis provides you with an extreme turning radius and better balance, while increasing your overall power transfer. The fit starts with the Alkali Pro Roller Last, which allows for your foot to fit properly with more room in the forefoot. Larger Comfort Edge upper ankle pads keep your foot snug and well protected while the Actvwick hydrophobic anti-slip internal liner hugs against your foot comfortably and allows you to stay worry-free about your skate becoming loose. Complete with strategically located wear patches and a three-piece fully ventilated 9 millimeter pro felt tongue, the RPD Max+ Skates are just what you need to take control of the inline game. The RPD Max+ Inline Skates are stocked with Labeda Addiction Wheels and Swiss Elite 608 Bearings.