CoastaCloud 6pcs Wrist Knee Elbow Protective Pads Sets, Kid's Inline Skating Roller Blading Protective Guard Gear Pads Set for for Bicycle, Skateboard, Scooter, Riding

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  • SIZE M: Fit for body weight about 22.5-55 kg / 50-121 (pounds). You could modify the size by magic stick. Just choose to hold its tightly to keep their position right when they are riding thier BMX, Bike, Rollerblades, Inline Skate, Skateboard, Biycycle, Scooter.
  • GOOD PROTECTION: Made of tough and durable soft EVA materials with Polyester sleeves, lightweight, breathable, comfortable and durable. It allow kids or children to enjoy the riding experiences with safety protection to their knee elbow and wrist.
  • MULTI SPORT: The knee elbow wrist pads are flexible and suitable for multi sports protection such as cycling, bmx, biking, inline skate, skateboarding, scootering and other extreme sports.
  • PREVENT INCIDENTS: Kids normally explore their riding experiences with more agressive moving than the adults, therefore wear a set of anti-shock gear should be consider seriously before the incident happen.
  • GIFT FOR KIDS: Special design for children and kids, boys and girls. It is the good choice as the gift for Children's Day, Christmas gift, Birthday gift, etc.

Product Detail

Product Description

Why Need Protective Gears?
Kids usually fall off on a bike when they start learning riding. Some youths also fall off when they starts skating. And adults enjoy the feeling of break throughing their riding speed or style. So protective gears are necessary to avoid incident in skatboarding, rollering, riding etc.
Kneepads help you relieve patella the pain. Wristpads fix wrists and protect the soft tissues. Elbowpads fix elbows and help you avoid pain.

1. Type: Knee pads+Elbow pads+Wrist pads
2. Material: Plastic + Nylon + Sponge + Breathable Mesh
3. Weight: about 310g
4. Size S: Fit for body weight about 12.5-22.5 kg / 7.5-50 (pounds)
5. Size M: Fit for body weight about 22.5-55 kg / 50-121 (pounds)
6. Size L: Fit for body weight about 55-80 kg /121-176 (pounds)

Fit Sport:
Skateboard Skateboarding
Roller Rollerblade
Bicycle Ride Bike Cycling
BMX bike
Inline Roller skate
Free running
Electronic 2 wheel board
Outdoor activities
Other extreme sports

Fit User:

Package included:
1 Pair of Elbow pad
1 Pair of Knee pad
1 Pair of Wrist pad