Born Toys 5 Piece Premium Firefighter Water Gun Toy Set and fire Toy Extinguisher. for Fireman Costume, Outdoors, Pools, Summer,Beach,Bath and Halloween.Includes Bag

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  • 5 Piece Extreme Water Fun for the Whole Family
  • INCLUDES: Water Tank Back Pack and Gun ▪ Pump and Spray Fire Extinguisher ▪ Whistle ▪ Necklace Name Tag ▪ Easy Storage Zipper Bag
  • 1 Extra Large Water Cannon and 1 Super Splash Fire Extinguisher for Interactive Play
  • Sprays Water over 20 Feet!! Great For the Pool, Beach or Everyday Backyard Fun
  • Fireman Toys that will allow your child to feel like a real fireman,Great for HALLOWEEN,HOLIDAYS,and all year fun

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Product Description

Does your child or even more so children want to feel like a real Fire Man? Are you tired of buying water toys that leak and don't actually work properly? Or having accessories with nowhere to put them after the kids are done having fun? Born Toys Fire Rescue Splash Cannon is a complete leak free Water Toy fun for the whole family. Can be played with outdoors in the summer, at the beach, in the bath, or for just good ol pretend fireman dress up.Give your kids the ultimate fire fighting experience. They will stay busy for hours giving their parents a nice little break to relax. Most of all it comes with a Knapsack so no need for stressing where to put all those toys after you get to relax.